Saturday, 29 May 2010

I need your help!

It's the last week of my degree (dun dun dun!) and I'm back. I'm here, cap in hand, asking for your help.

It's really very simple.
All you need to do is read out the text below, in your best speaking voice, record yourself (either video or audio - whichever you prefer) and send it to me. It will form part of a video I'm putting together for my final project hand in. Please help! Many thanks, Keira.

Ps. I realise that files may be too large to attach to an email (my email address is however incase needs be). If you post the video to YouTube I have a very nice, mildly illegal video grabber so I can snatch it from YouTube's clutches.

Here's the text:

Its 30 years later and we’ve seen a lot of changes. Most of the population are computer literate. Those who were in their 50s at the birth of the internet are 80 or 90 now. The majority of them learnt how to use the internet for work. And for a long time now education has been largely web-based.

Since the dawning of the internet we have seen a change in the way we are entertained. As free content began to pour onto the internet, nothing the media industries or government could do stopped people from sharing their ideas, the ideas of others, information and skills.

As media industries began to claw back their copyrighted material the general public began to abandon traditional recorded entertainment including recorded music, television and books. Increasingly people turned to each other for entertainment – posting free amateur film, music and written word. Collaboration was the norm and authorship became increasingly irrelevant.

Masses of information could be stored and accessed through cloud computing. Most people need only carry small devices or epaper to access the entire internet and all of their personal files. Increasingly in public there is barely need for a personal device as our streetscape becomes more and more technologically advanced.