Monday, 11 January 2010

Virtuality There: Journeying to Internet Maturity.

What appears in the following posts is my dissertation, with each chapter as a different post. Comments and criticism encouraged. It turns out that I am by no means done with you yet Web 2.0. Don't worry, I'll buy you dinner first.

Here is the summary that opened my dissertation;


This essay looks at the way the Internet is evolving in its current “Web 2.0” manifestation and looks to where it might evolve beyond that. There is a particular focus on modern society’s relationship with the web and the way this effects their treatment of themes such as reality, identity, truth, secrecy and privacy. Looking at examples from popular culture, it considers new formats and models for future Internet behaviour.

What I REALLY meant to say was;

"This dissertation is the result of a misspent adolescence, wasted on the Internet. And after all, it's only the beauty on the Internet that really matters."

Keep it virtual. xxx

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